Conformance Portal collaboration module is absolutely effective with dramatic effects.

Before they even punched their time card at Marshall Plastic we often had employees lining up at their department’s desktop computer to see the latest postings. Others were standing nearby but checked in through their smart phones rather than wait in line.

Morale went up as even the lowest person on the shop floor could contact the president of the company and express his opinion about something. Perhaps something could be done better or differently. Not saying that all the ideas were terrific. That’s not the point.

Employee morale went up because they were empowered. They had the ability to contact the President, CFO, HR, Safety Director, Quality Director, Plant Manager or their Department Manager anytime, even after hours. We made it mandatory that every employee belong to several different groups. Postings made in the Collaboration Module were automatically made for available for viewing by everyone in that group.

It was required that everyone make at least one posting on the Safety Group every week. We wanted employees always thinking about safety whether they were at work or at home, so every safety concern was considered including those outside the company.

There was no need for HR to post documents all over the plant. They could just be posted on the portal.

The President and CFO used the portal to notify employees when and how much profit-sharing.

And of course the communication within an employee’s department was accelerated. They could discuss products that ran with difficulty that day or perhaps a corrective action or some other issue.

Without a doubt, Conformance Portal’s Collaboration tool is extremely powerful and not to be underestimated!