4.4.2 To the extent necessary, the organization shall: a) maintain documented information to support the operation of its processes; b) retain documented information to have confidence that the processes are being carried out as planned.

Cloud Storage Concept 50824403 xparentBuilt into your portal is a Document Management System.

Use this to to either save documents by uploading them (e.g. MSword, Excel, PDF, etc...)


Use this to create your documents using web technology.  This means creating it with an HTML editor.  If you choose this your documents can be linked together creating a seamless document storage system. 

The full power of the portal happens when you embed and link all of the other tools within your documents.

View examples of a wide range of capabilities

A document can be "live."  It can include dynamic information from within the portal or from external sources.  The document below displays a live process diagram from Lucidchart, a cloud based diagram tool (similar to visio).

document display in portal with diagram

To control documents further, you are able to embed PDFs into a document.  The one below shows this capability.

 document display in portal

Any type of media can be added to a document, video, audio, pop-ups, etc...

document display with video and links

At the bottom of every document is a commenting system.  This can be used by auditors, and staff to clarify documents, ask questions.  The goal, to improve document usage and compliance.

document display with comments