Below is a complete features list of Conformance Portal.


The list is long from all the work we have done for your benefit.

Training, Testing & Compliance  

         Test Management     
    Assign Employees to Categories        
        Assign Employees to Tests / Procedures    
    Unlimited Categories & Sub-Categories    
    Create Employee Reports by Test    
    Create Test Statistics    
    Create Dynamic Reports    
    Export Reports to Excel / CSV    
    Set Access Level to Categories or Specific Tests    
    Show Test Author    
    6 Test Layouts Available    
    Customized Certificate per Test    
    Allow Users to Continue Unfinished Test    
    Show Test Timer & Enforce Time Limit    
    Timer Styles (Standard, Time Remaining, Standard with Limit)    
    Set Limit on Number of Attempts    
    Set Passing Score (%)    
    Show or Hide Passed Tests    
    Short and Detailed Description (embed document in description)    
    Toggle Shuffling Questions    
    Enable/Disable Ability to Skip Questions    
    Toggle Result Summary Display    
    Toggle Ability to Enable Quiz Review    
    Allow Employee to Create a PDF Report of Results    
    Allow Employee to Send Results to an Email Address    
    Automatically Email Results to Administrator    
    Enable Result Panel Display    
    Show Results by Category    
    Show Question X of Y Message    
    Show Point Value of Question    
    Redirect Employee After Test Submission    
    Redirect Employee Based On Pass/Fail    
    Set Grading Method (First, Last, Highest, Average)    
    Allow Employee to Flag a Question (faulty Q or A)    
    Allow Question Feedback (You give employee)    
    Include Feedback in PDF report    
    Show Feedback on Results Page    
    Global Feedback (if correct; if incorrect)    
    Show Detailed Results on Final Page    
    Toggle Hid Feedback if Employee Fails)    
    Show Global Feedback Based on (pass/fail, % score, score)    
    Create a Test from Question Pool (by Category)    
    Set Access Permissions Based on Portal Role/Permission

  Learning Paths     
     Create Unlimited Learning Path Categories    
     Create Learning Paths Descriptions (can embed multi media)    
     Import Tests & Learning Paths    
    Combine List of Tests and Content (Articles)    
    Set Access Permissions Based on Portal Role/Permission

  Question Management     
    Unlimited Questions per Test    
    Assign Question to Category    
    Assign Question to Pool to Share Between Tests    
    Types of Questions    
        Multiple Choice    
        Multiple Response    
        True / False    
        Matching Drag & Drop    
        Matching Drop Down    
        Fill In The Blank (can use regular expressions for grading)    
        Image Hot Spot    
        Survey Type    
        Boilerplate (display text - no question)    
        Multiple Question    
        Jigsaw Puzzle    
        Image Match    
    Question can contain any web based formatting or multi media    
    Set Question to be Manually Graded or Not    
    Set Points per Question    
    Set Limit of Attempts per Question    
    Set Penalty % if Answered Incorrectly    
    Easily Order Questions in Test    
    Set Multiple Response to Drop Down, Radio, or Check Box    
    Set Multiple Responses Horizontal or Vertically    
    Toggle to Shuffle Responses    
    Set General Question Feedback to Employee    
    Set Feedback to Employee for Each Question Option

  Testing Deployment     
    Add a Test or Learning Path on any Menu    
    Embed Test Withing a Document    
    Display Tests by Category    
    Set Test Selection by Portal Access    
    Display List of Tests to Employee that are NOT Taken (To Do)    
    Display List of Tests Completed by Employee    
    Display List of Tests with Score and Link to Certificate    
    Administrator List of Test Results for All Employees

  Optional ISO Courses     
    ISO 9001 Courses & Test    
         ISO 9001 Overview for All Stakeholders    
         Internal Auditor Course    
         Risk Requirements    
    IATF 16949 - Internal Auditor (6 Modules)    
    ISO 13485 - Internal Auditor    
    AS9100D - Internal Auditor    
    ISO 14001 Courses & Test    
        Internal Auditor    
        Overview for All Stakeholders    
    ISO 19011 Course    
    Effective Corrective Actions