Below is a complete features list of Conformance Portal.


The list is long from all the work we have done for your benefit.

Training, Testing & Compliance  

         Test Management     
    Assign Employees to Categories        
        Assign Employees to Tests / Procedures    
    Unlimited Categories & Sub-Categories    
    Create Employee Reports by Test    
    Create Test Statistics    
    Create Dynamic Reports    
    Export Reports to Excel / CSV    
    Set Access Level to Categories or Specific Tests    
    Show Test Author    
    6 Test Layouts Available    
    Customized Certificate per Test    
    Allow Users to Continue Unfinished Test    
    Show Test Timer & Enforce Time Limit    
    Timer Styles (Standard, Time Remaining, Standard with Limit)    
    Set Limit on Number of Attempts    
    Set Passing Score (%)    
    Show or Hide Passed Tests    
    Short and Detailed Description (embed document in description)    
    Toggle Shuffling Questions    
    Enable/Disable Ability to Skip Questions    
    Toggle Result Summary Display    
    Toggle Ability to Enable Quiz Review    
    Allow Employee to Create a PDF Report of Results    
    Allow Employee to Send Results to an Email Address    
    Automatically Email Results to Administrator    
    Enable Result Panel Display    
    Show Results by Category    
    Show Question X of Y Message    
    Show Point Value of Question    
    Redirect Employee After Test Submission    
    Redirect Employee Based On Pass/Fail    
    Set Grading Method (First, Last, Highest, Average)    
    Allow Employee to Flag a Question (faulty Q or A)    
    Allow Question Feedback (You give employee)    
    Include Feedback in PDF report    
    Show Feedback on Results Page    
    Global Feedback (if correct; if incorrect)    
    Show Detailed Results on Final Page    
    Toggle Hid Feedback if Employee Fails)    
    Show Global Feedback Based on (pass/fail, % score, score)    
    Create a Test from Question Pool (by Category)    
    Set Access Permissions Based on Portal Role/Permission

  Learning Paths     
     Create Unlimited Learning Path Categories    
     Create Learning Paths Descriptions (can embed multi media)    
     Import Tests & Learning Paths    
    Combine List of Tests and Content (Articles)    
    Set Access Permissions Based on Portal Role/Permission

  Question Management     
    Unlimited Questions per Test    
    Assign Question to Category    
    Assign Question to Pool to Share Between Tests    
    Types of Questions    
        Multiple Choice    
        Multiple Response    
        True / False    
        Matching Drag & Drop    
        Matching Drop Down    
        Fill In The Blank (can use regular expressions for grading)    
        Image Hot Spot    
        Survey Type    
        Boilerplate (display text - no question)    
        Multiple Question    
        Jigsaw Puzzle    
        Image Match    
    Question can contain any web based formatting or multi media    
    Set Question to be Manually Graded or Not    
    Set Points per Question    
    Set Limit of Attempts per Question    
    Set Penalty % if Answered Incorrectly    
    Easily Order Questions in Test    
    Set Multiple Response to Drop Down, Radio, or Check Box    
    Set Multiple Responses Horizontal or Vertically    
    Toggle to Shuffle Responses    
    Set General Question Feedback to Employee    
    Set Feedback to Employee for Each Question Option

  Testing Deployment     
    Add a Test or Learning Path on any Menu    
    Embed Test Withing a Document    
    Display Tests by Category    
    Set Test Selection by Portal Access    
    Display List of Tests to Employee that are NOT Taken (To Do)    
    Display List of Tests Completed by Employee    
    Display List of Tests with Score and Link to Certificate    
    Administrator List of Test Results for All Employees

  Optional ISO Courses     
    ISO 9001 Courses & Test    
         ISO 9001 Overview for All Stakeholders    
         Internal Auditor Course    
         Risk Requirements    
    IATF 16949 - Internal Auditor (6 Modules)    
    ISO 13485 - Internal Auditor    
    AS9100D - Internal Auditor    
    ISO 14001 Courses & Test    
        Internal Auditor    
        Overview for All Stakeholders    
    ISO 19011 Course    
    Effective Corrective Actions    

Below is a complete features list of Conformance Portal Collaboration System.

Training, Testing & Compliance  

         Monitor Engagement
    Monitor Activities in all areas    
        Monitor and Approve Invitations    
    Employees, what they did, last access, assign to groups    
    Create Activity Reports    
    Manually or Automatically Send Notifications via email    
    Display status of system emails    
    Export Reports to Excel / CSV

  Design and Configuration    
    Colors for elements, forms, pagination, buttons, alerts    
    Colors for background submenus, share box, stream, pop ups    
    Activity Stream Position    
    Button Style    
    Front Page / Login Page Image    
    Avatar Style    
    Branding Image    
    Main Collaboration Page Layout    
    Number of activities to display    
    Show last visit time/date    
    Default images for male, female    
    Profile information    
    Customize badges for user authority    
    Customize employee page creation and display    
    Placement of group activity    
    Number of group activities to display    
    Default image for new groups    
    Placement of event activity    
    Number of events to display    
    Ordering of events    
    Default event image    
    Add/Remove "Mood" emojis    
    Ranking image    
    Status background image    
    Allow colleague button    
    Show employee profile information    
    Enable Reporting    
    Determine admin email for notifications    
    Set user reporting reasons (e.g. inappropriate, abuse, etc...)    
    Advanced search settings    
    Set measurement unit (Imperial or Metric)    
    Cron Job settings    
    Activity action (open in new tab, privacy override, order by)    
    Front page file sharing    
    Front page file sharing limit, size and type    
    Ratings for Groups, Events, Photos, Videos & Profile    
    Enable following    
    Front page title    
    Enable social sharing    
    Notification Setting Timeframe    
    Comment enabling    
    Set time offset    
    Set limit on status by character    
    Set status location    
    Allow multiple profiles    
    Enable Colleague    
    Set Colleague ordering    
    Set daily limits on: messages, pages, groups, events, photos,
videos polls, colleague requests, new files
    Define layout for employee    
    Set activity stream date format    
    Number of activities to display on front page    
    Restrict access to front page    
    Allow infinite scrolling on activity stream    
    Set limits on featured items (e.g. employees, videos, pages,
groups, albums, events
    Set Featured Stream limits (e.g. front page, profile, group, event)    
    Enable moods, badges, backgrounds, reactions, and likes    
    Set authority and privacy attributes (staff, admin, etc...)    
    Set Access Controls    
    If enabled, set points for activities (e.g. 1 point for image upload,
2 points for group membership, 1 point for comments, etc...)
    Enable and configure remote storage system (e.g. Amazon S3)    
    Enable Messaging    
    Enable Chat Feature    
    Set messaging limits    
    Integration Settings For:
 - Facebook
 - Google
 - Twitter
 - Google Maps
 - LinkedIn
- Akismet
    New Employee Registration Settings    
    User definable templates (advanced)    
    Profile Management
 - Enable multiple profiles
 - Create profile names (for multiple profiles)
 - Set basic information to add
 - Create multiple fields in profile
 - Define required/optional profile fields
    Configure employee pages (general content created by employee)
 - display / manage employee pages
 - approve page publishing
 - configure page categories
 - enable page moderation
 - set page limits
 - allow page level file sharing
    Avatar Shape

  Group Management     
    Create group categories & sub-categories    
    Manage groups add/edit/delete    
    Set group type (public / private)    
    Set group category    
    Set group avatar    
    Group Description    
    Set Group limits    
    Enable group file sharing limits    
    Enable group photo sharing    
    Enable group video sharing    
    Configure group notifications for posts, invites new members    
    Limit group behavior (e.g. file size, files allowed, file extensions)

  Events & Event Management
    Enable events    
    Event names    
    Event description    
    Allow for event invitation    
    Group Categories & Sub-categories    
    Limit event attendees    
    Allow photo sharing for events    
    Recurring events    
    Event locations    
    Map event location    
    Start time / End time    
    Allow attendees to invite colleagues    
    Include events in portal search    
    Enable event moderation (i.e. approval required)    
    Set limits on events    
    Enable & Limit file sharing for an event

  Multi Media Options & Management
    Photo share enable    
    Manage photo categories and sub-categories    
    Limit Photos    
    Enable photo albums and photo galleries    
    Allow GIF animations    
    Add watermark to photos    
    Enable photo location display    
    Manage photo descriptions    
    Video share enable    
    Video categories and sub-categories    
    Limit videos    
    Allow videos on employee profiles    
    Limit size of videos    
    Set video size / ratio (e.g. 4:3 or 480x360)    
    Video Quantizer Scale    
    Set Video Player Type    
    Manage Polls (approve, delete, edit)    
    Create poll categories and sub-categories    
  Embedded Applications    
    New page/article notification    
    MyColleague Map    
    Forum Integration    
    Mutual Colleagues    
    My Contact Listings    
    My Group Display    
    Pull & Display Twitter posts    
    My Latest Photos    
    Forms Integration    

Below is a complete features list of Conformance Portal Firewall Security Features.

System Check 

   Base Portal Security    
    checks whether you are using the latest version    
    Default admin: checks whether the default "admin" user is in use and if the username and password offer a good level of security against brute-force attacks.    
    Database password: checks whether the database password offer a good level of security against brute-force attacks.    
    FTP password: if you store your FTP password in the Global Configuration you leave your FTP exposed. Anyone who can access the Global Configuration will be able to retrieve your password and access your FTP account.    
    SEF: checking if you have Search Engine Friendly URLs enabled and by enabling SEF    
    configuration.php integrity: checks the integrity of your configuration.php file to be correct.    
    Admin users passwords: checks your other website admins to have a proper password which offer a good level of security against brute-force attacks.    
    Session lifetime: if you setup your session lifetime too high, you will be vulnerable to prying eyes. It's recommended to keep a lower session lifetime so it will expire early in case you leave your computer.    
    Checking for .htaccess: a preconfigured htaccess file. This contains instructions to avoid common exploits and SEF implements.    
    Session Handler: if this is set to 'Database' it will be issuing a warning.    
    Checking if website is blacklisted: the check is performed against Google Safe Browsing lists

  Server Configuration
    allow_url_include: this option allows the use of URL-aware fopen wrappers with the following functions: include(), include_once(), require(), require_once(), thus enabling an attacker to include his own PHP scripts.    
    open_basedir: restricts access to specified directories only.    
    disable_functions: disables certain PHP functions. It is recommended to disable: system, shell_exec, passthru, exec, popen, proc_open.    
    expose_php: this could allow attackers to retrieve information about your PHP version and we recommend setting this Off.

  File Integrity
    This scans the integrity of your portal files while also scanning your files for common malware.    
    Checking if CP core files have been altered in any way. It compares the actual file with a pre-calculated hash of the original core file. The files that have been modified are displayed individually along with the path to that particular file. The File Integrity check is not only a detection tool, but also offers a mechanism that tries to repair the detected problem.    
    CPFirewall also allows you to view the differences in modified core portal files. When performing a System Check, the differences will be displayed after pressing the "View differences" button within the Details section of Scan Results.    
    The original file can be automatically downloaded by clicking on the "Download original" button associated with your modified file within the Details section of Scan Results.    
    File permissions: all files with permissions higher than 644 will be highlighted;    
    Malware patterns: checks for shell patterns inside files and check for a list of known malware files. Malware, short for malicious software, is software designed to infiltrate or damage a system without the owner's consent

  System Logs
    The System Logs feature offers a logging utility to the CPFirewall component, thus empowering the user to keep track of the site security issues.    
    Essentially it logs all security important events that take place on your Joomla! installation. The System Logs tool enables the owner to add various filters and sorting like: alert level, date, IP, userID, username and page. Upon pressing on the IP a "Who is" service checks the specified IP address, thus displaying further information.    
    Each log entry provides a Description section for more details on the event that occurred. Depending on the event itself, further debug information is provided by clicking on the "Show" button on the entry row, while IP addresses can be also directly blacklisted or whitelisted on-demand from the System Logs.

   Active Scanner    
    Enable / Disable Active Scanner    
     Log all blocked attempts: Set to Yes in order to log all blocked attempts. Use this option to identify false alerts on your website.    
    Remove the generator meta tag    
    Convert email addresses from plain text to images    
    Check core Conformance Portal file integrity    
    Monitor the configured list of files for changes    
    Grab IP from Proxy Headers: some servers are behind a proxy or firewall and will not provide the correct IP. If this is your case, contact the proxy provider and ask them through what header are they sending the real IP.

  PHP, Javascript & SQL Protections    
    Local file inclusion - disallows directory traversal techniques that might allow an attacker to read sensitive files by exploiting coded extensions.    
    Remote file inclusion - disallows attackers to download an run malicious scripts by exploiting poorly coded extensions    
    Enable protections for - Form data (POST) enables filtering for information submitted through forms (eg. article editing, user registration etc). While URL data (GET) enables filtering for variables that are located in the URL.    
    Enable protections for - Form data (POST) enables filtering for information submitted through forms (eg. article editing, user registration etc). While URL data (GET) enables filtering for variables that are located in the URL.    
    Filter Javascript - by setting this to Yes, the Javascript will be filtered instead of the connection being dropped.    
    Enable protections for - Form data (POST) enables filtering for information submitted through forms (eg. article editing, user registration etc). While URL data (GET) enables filtering for variables that are located in the URL    
  DoS Attacks, Automatic Blacklisting, & Uploads    
    Protect against DoS(Denial of Service) attacks for User Agents (perl, cURL, Java or empty User Agents)    
    Protect forms from abusive IPs - checks if IPs of form submitters exist in the Spamhaus XBL and SBL lists.    
    Deny access to the following referers - Referers are visitors coming from another website(domain). You can block multiple domains by specifying them each on a new line. You can also use wildcards, such as * which will block any request coming from all subdomains of, etc.).    
    Automatic blacklisting: if repeated threats are detected with the same IP address, this will automatically be added to the Blacklist area    
    Automatic blacklisting for /administrator login: with this option enabled, failed backend logins will lead to an automatic ban.    
    # of attempts: this is the minimum number of attempts before the attacker will be added to the blacklist and banned from your portal.    
    Capture backend login attempts or/and store the password attempts    
    Filter uploads by deleting the file(s) instead of the connection being dropped.    
    Verify if uploaded files have multiple extensions    
    Verify uploaded files for known malware patterns    
    Don't upload files with the configured list of banned extensions

  Logging Utility    
    Logs any events that trigger CP Firewall so that you can review them. The logging utility also offers the possibility to send out an email if a security event is recorded that has a security level higher then a preconfigured value (low, medium, high, critical).    
    To keep the database fresh and prevent if from overloading, a days to keep log history option was added, log entries older then the number of days you set, will be automatically deleted.    
    To limit the potential high number of emails (each event / attempt) can potentially generate an email, a maximum number limit of sent emails per hour option has been added. If the limit is reached, no more emails will be generated.    
    You can also set how many CP Firewall related events to show in the System Overview by adding a number in the events to show field.    
    You can set the preferred WhoIs service for both IPv4 and IPv6. Up until this point, was used by default. You can use the {ip} placeholder to transmit the IP directly though the URL.    

Below is a list of the Conformance Portal Forms Features.

The basis of our forms is a complete development platform.  Installed on the portal is a system to create entire applications.  We used this to develop a number of standard forms:
  • Employee Evaluation
  • Maintenance (Ticket Listing, Entry Form, Calendar)
  • Action Items (Listing, Entry Form, Calendar)
  • Supplier Form / SCAR Log
  • Approved Vendors
  • Equipment Listing
  • CAPA system
Each of these can be customized to meet your exact needs.

In addition, you have the ability to create your own forms; from simple to complex applications.  It is an open source application development, form and database management component.

It gives you the power to create custom applications without requiring knowledge of mySQL and PHP, all from within a easy to use administration interface. For programmers, the portal's form systeml allows customization via xhtml/css templating and javascript.  It has a broad set of functions, both basic and advanced, and with these it is possible to create a broad range of applications.

If you are non-technical and only want a simple application to store and list data, then you can create this purely from the administrator interface without writing any PHP or Javascript code.  If you are reasonably technical, and prepared to spend the time learning about the forms package, you can create sophisticated applications and visualizations.

Form Capabilities

    Multipage forms    
    Use Ajax    
    Repeatble Sections    
    20 Plugins    
    Ajax Validations    
    +10 Pre-Built Axax Validations    
    Clone Plugin    
    Email Form Plugin    
    User Account Information    
    Limit plugin    
    Log Form Activity    
    REST plugin    
    Calculations, sorting, look up

    Connect List to External Db    
    Fully Relationsl    
    Fin Grained ACL    
    Inline Edity    
    Filtering, Pre-Filtering, Grouping    
    Build/Reuse Templates    
    Create Joins    
    Export to CSV    
    Element Select    
    Column Sorting    
    Radius Search    
    Embed Lists in documents, tests, lessons, collaborate

  Visualizations (i.e. ways to view lists)
    Built In Gantt Visualization

     URL Link    
    HTML element (textarea)    
    Text Box    
    Calendar / Date    
    Check Box    
    Drop Down    
    Drop Down from Look Up    
    Cascading Drop Down    
    Color Picker    
    Digital Signature    
    File Upload    
    Folder Element    
    Pick List    
    User Display/Select    
    Email & Email Validation