Below is a complete features list of Conformance Portal Collaboration System.

Training, Testing & Compliance  

         Monitor Engagement
    Monitor Activities in all areas    
        Monitor and Approve Invitations    
    Employees, what they did, last access, assign to groups    
    Create Activity Reports    
    Manually or Automatically Send Notifications via email    
    Display status of system emails    
    Export Reports to Excel / CSV

  Design and Configuration    
    Colors for elements, forms, pagination, buttons, alerts    
    Colors for background submenus, share box, stream, pop ups    
    Activity Stream Position    
    Button Style    
    Front Page / Login Page Image    
    Avatar Style    
    Branding Image    
    Main Collaboration Page Layout    
    Number of activities to display    
    Show last visit time/date    
    Default images for male, female    
    Profile information    
    Customize badges for user authority    
    Customize employee page creation and display    
    Placement of group activity    
    Number of group activities to display    
    Default image for new groups    
    Placement of event activity    
    Number of events to display    
    Ordering of events    
    Default event image    
    Add/Remove "Mood" emojis    
    Ranking image    
    Status background image    
    Allow colleague button    
    Show employee profile information    
    Enable Reporting    
    Determine admin email for notifications    
    Set user reporting reasons (e.g. inappropriate, abuse, etc...)    
    Advanced search settings    
    Set measurement unit (Imperial or Metric)    
    Cron Job settings    
    Activity action (open in new tab, privacy override, order by)    
    Front page file sharing    
    Front page file sharing limit, size and type    
    Ratings for Groups, Events, Photos, Videos & Profile    
    Enable following    
    Front page title    
    Enable social sharing    
    Notification Setting Timeframe    
    Comment enabling    
    Set time offset    
    Set limit on status by character    
    Set status location    
    Allow multiple profiles    
    Enable Colleague    
    Set Colleague ordering    
    Set daily limits on: messages, pages, groups, events, photos,
videos polls, colleague requests, new files
    Define layout for employee    
    Set activity stream date format    
    Number of activities to display on front page    
    Restrict access to front page    
    Allow infinite scrolling on activity stream    
    Set limits on featured items (e.g. employees, videos, pages,
groups, albums, events
    Set Featured Stream limits (e.g. front page, profile, group, event)    
    Enable moods, badges, backgrounds, reactions, and likes    
    Set authority and privacy attributes (staff, admin, etc...)    
    Set Access Controls    
    If enabled, set points for activities (e.g. 1 point for image upload,
2 points for group membership, 1 point for comments, etc...)
    Enable and configure remote storage system (e.g. Amazon S3)    
    Enable Messaging    
    Enable Chat Feature    
    Set messaging limits    
    Integration Settings For:
 - Facebook
 - Google
 - Twitter
 - Google Maps
 - LinkedIn
- Akismet
    New Employee Registration Settings    
    User definable templates (advanced)    
    Profile Management
 - Enable multiple profiles
 - Create profile names (for multiple profiles)
 - Set basic information to add
 - Create multiple fields in profile
 - Define required/optional profile fields
    Configure employee pages (general content created by employee)
 - display / manage employee pages
 - approve page publishing
 - configure page categories
 - enable page moderation
 - set page limits
 - allow page level file sharing
    Avatar Shape

  Group Management     
    Create group categories & sub-categories    
    Manage groups add/edit/delete    
    Set group type (public / private)    
    Set group category    
    Set group avatar    
    Group Description    
    Set Group limits    
    Enable group file sharing limits    
    Enable group photo sharing    
    Enable group video sharing    
    Configure group notifications for posts, invites new members    
    Limit group behavior (e.g. file size, files allowed, file extensions)

  Events & Event Management
    Enable events    
    Event names    
    Event description    
    Allow for event invitation    
    Group Categories & Sub-categories    
    Limit event attendees    
    Allow photo sharing for events    
    Recurring events    
    Event locations    
    Map event location    
    Start time / End time    
    Allow attendees to invite colleagues    
    Include events in portal search    
    Enable event moderation (i.e. approval required)    
    Set limits on events    
    Enable & Limit file sharing for an event

  Multi Media Options & Management
    Photo share enable    
    Manage photo categories and sub-categories    
    Limit Photos    
    Enable photo albums and photo galleries    
    Allow GIF animations    
    Add watermark to photos    
    Enable photo location display    
    Manage photo descriptions    
    Video share enable    
    Video categories and sub-categories    
    Limit videos    
    Allow videos on employee profiles    
    Limit size of videos    
    Set video size / ratio (e.g. 4:3 or 480x360)    
    Video Quantizer Scale    
    Set Video Player Type    
    Manage Polls (approve, delete, edit)    
    Create poll categories and sub-categories    
  Embedded Applications    
    New page/article notification    
    MyColleague Map    
    Forum Integration    
    Mutual Colleagues    
    My Contact Listings    
    My Group Display    
    Pull & Display Twitter posts    
    My Latest Photos    
    Forms Integration