Cheerful guy sitting in frontTo conform to industry standards and develop consistent results for our clients, we require our employees to review the System and pass relevant quizzes. This tool is an effective way to ensure (and demonstrate to regulatory bodies) that all employees have the competency to perform their job responsibilities.

By eliminating the need to have employee competencies witnessed, this tool saves time and money.

Create Smart Tests

The key functionality is the ability to create the attractive, easy to use quizzes or tests. The test have many settings to meet your needs
(several time limits, skipping questions, several templates (including mobile compatible), email sending, different results view, redirection after the test and several others).

You assign tests to categories and then display each category on the front-end of the portal.

Test question types

You have a choice of 9 question types + boilerplate, so you can combine them to create engaging tests.  Add images and video to the questions and even add images to some answer options! Add the questions to the quiz or Question Pool and organize them by categories. The points can be set for the questions and for its every option.

• Multiple Choice - allows users to choose a single item from several options;
• True/False - allows users to define the offered statement either as true or false;
• Matching Drop-Down - allows users to match the offered items by selecting from a series of drop-down list;
• Hotspot - allows users to click a picture to indicate their choice. Depending upon their choice, certain feedback and grades will be assigned.
  A graphics editor is provided to simplify specifying the choice areas;
• Boilerplate - does not require a response (the user may be asked to read some text, watch video,etc.);
• Multiple Response - allows users to choose several answers for the question;
• Matching Drag'n'Drop - allows users to match the offered items using a simple drag-and-drop interface;
• Fill in the blank - requires a short answer (it can be a single word or a phrase);
• Surveys - allows users to give a comprehensive answer (e.g., write a composition);
• Multiple question - allows users to define several offered statements either as true or false.

Extensive Feedback

With several feedback types you can always ensure the tests meet your requirements and purpose. Feedback can be shown on the Results page. Question feedback can be displayed after every question is answered (great for the short and bright feedback) or in the end together with results (perfect for the long and descriptive feedback). Even some answer options can have their own feedback.

Cheating prevention

Several settings allow you to reduce cheating. The time will not stop if the user leaves the quiz and returns to it, so they won't have a chance to look up the answers. Number of attempts can be set to the test and every question. If the question is answered several times, you can have the system remove some points. You can hide results and disable any review. You can set the negative points for the answers if a user makes more than one attempt to the same question.

So much more

Create your own unique certificates to reward, show competency, and provide Objective Evidence to the auditors.
Have the results sent to you or allow the users type their own email.