Collaboration Concept And BusinessThe collaboration system is an improved method to communicate in an organization.  It is presented like your own internal Facebook - without the ads.


Groups can share videos, photos, and status updates, invite colleagues and staff, schedule events and hold important discussions.

  • Activity Stream - Post status, videos, images and more inside the group.
  • Discussions - Discuss any topics relevant to the group.
  • Group Privacy - Groups can be private, public or restricted.
  • Events - Create group events for group members only.
  • File Sharing - Share files with other group members.
  • Announcements - Make any announcements related to the group.
  • Group Messaging - Write to more than one member at a time.

Activity Stream

Members can share their status, upload photos, post videos, create events and more. They can like, share, comment and keep in touch with their friends.


Receive real-time alerts on new comments, likes, friend requests and messages. Keep your members engaged and interested all the time.

Email Alerts - Receive alerts via email.
On-Site Alerts - Receive alerts on the site in real time.
Customize Alerts - Customize the choice of alerts to receive.
Comments - Comment on posts and add images to the comment.


Members can contact each other privately, reply, delete messages and block members.

  • Broadcast email - Send an email to all your members.
  • Share Photos and Files
  • Add photos and files to messages.
  • Admin alerts
  • Receive notifications of recommended actions.
  • Monitor - Monitor activities, members, and mail queue.
  • Moderate - Approve pending members, groups and events, and view reports.


Members can schedule events, invite friends and easily keep track of their real-life meetings.


Easy-to-use photo galleries make profiles fun to browse, comment on and view.


Members can easily share videos from all the major video hosting sites, including YouTube, Vimeo and many others. We import the title and description automatically.

See the complete list all of the Collaboration System features.