Manage: Employee Training, Process Documentation, CAPA System, Employee Evaluation, Maintenance Schedules

You are covered with Conformance Portal:   Clause 4.4.1 - The organization shall establish, implement, maintain and continually improve a management system, including the processes needed and their interactions, in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard.

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Verify competence and training on your procedures, policies, and work instructions

Have our learning system manage employee training, supervisor reviews, management system conformance.  Then use the configurable reports to show your training accomplishments and employee competence.

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Customized Management System Forms

From a complete CAPA system, to External Provider Property Logs, or your own logs or systems.  Your new portal has pre-built forms and a new Action Item system to track small and large projects.  Even submit photos or voice notes from your phone directly into a form.

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Responsive Management System

As standards change; as technology changes; as your needs change our technicians respond to your needs.  If you need to extend the portal with new capabilities, we can add them with a few clicks.

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Industrial EthernetYour conformance portal can connect directly to the shop floor.

  • Machine data collection with computers or PLC's including AB, Siemens, GE, AutomationDirect.
  • Data collection points including swipe cards, machine processes, production part photo images, barcoding / RFID, machine quality/test data.
  • Identification markings including RFID, barcoding, printed labels, laser marking, part markings.
  • Capture timestamps, operator ID's, machine self test results, machine faults.

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