For the sixth straight year most employers report attracting and retaining employees is their greatest concern. There is a “Top Down, Bottom Up” approach used by Conformance Portal with spectacular results proven to reduce employee turnover by up to 40%.

employeesRetain your employees by engaging them. They want to feel their contribution is valued and important. Who doesn’t?

So how do you engage them? It’s certainly not the old-fashioned way of ignoring them. No one likes being ignored. Yet many managers do exactly that to their staff, especially those on the shop floor. Oh sure you might have a suggestion box. How is that working for you?

Normally the company does not provide a company email for them. Understandably that can be very expensive. But you must get them involved. You must engage them.

Conformance Portal’s Collaboration module allows all employees working weekends, nights, or days to easily post messages with each other and with the office. The lowest man on the shop floor can quickly communicate and offer ideas directly to the President, CFO, HR, Safety, Quality, Operations, etc.

There is no learning curve as employees know how to use because it operates very similar to Facebook except it is only for the company’s internal use.

On the surface that may not sound like much. On the shop floor, however, that is huge.

By feeling empowered morale goes up and employee retention goes up. Pretty simple really.