Complying with federal and state regulations, and other certifying groups, ranging from product safety to health, safety and environment impact can be tough.

Complying doesn’t have to be a grueling task. It can be made easy.

True, regulations can be complicated. They often change and it is critical that they be followed.

And on top of running a business, meeting strategic goals, and operating profitably, employers have the responsibility to ensure regulatory compliance. The risk of not compliance can be severe, from losing sales to statutory fines to losing your business.

Technicians WorkingEmployees no longer have the luxury of saying they didn’t know about it, that they didn’t hear about it, that “nobody told me.”

So how is it made “easy?”

Conformance Portal allows the posting of the latest compliance developments into a document for universal viewing and testing by employees.

After it’s on the portal a test can be created and tracked providing proof to managers of who took the test. It tracks the date and time the employee took the test as well as the score achieved. And it shows which employees have yet to take the test.

Plus, you can even create new compliance standards and test employees before the implementation date of the new requirements. Again, Conformance Portal tracks who was trained, when they passed the test and their passing score.

Ensure your employees are well trained and electronically tested on the latest compliance requirements. Don’t take a chance. Let Conformance Portal help you with your compliance issues so you can stay focused on growing your business.