The changing nature of cloud traffic, threats and business challenges requires a security solution that is purpose-built for today's Internet. There are dangers on the internet, from invasions of privacy to actual hackers cracking your security, so an application that helps you protect your portal and your on-line business is a must!

Conformance Portal Firewall gives you powerful services and portal protection in a comprehensive system, by bringing together professional username / password, read / write permissions protections as well as other server related configurations that can weaken the overall security measures. An aspect that most, if not all Conformance Portal users, take for granted, is security. Although the Conformance Portal itself is pretty secure thanks to the security team that constantly checks for issues in the code, nobody (or, better yet, nothing) is protecting you from malicious hackers.

Firewall Report 001We've launched a security extension to protect you from hackers and bots and prevent hacking attempts. Conformance Portal Firewall consists of an administrator component (this means that it can only be accessed from the back-end) and a system plugin.

The system plugin is the core of Conformance Portal Firewall, which sends alerts, checks data submitted by the user for known malware patterns or MySQL injections, checks core files for integrity and other useful actions.

Conformance Portal Features

System Overview

  • now includes a visual graph of the latest attacks
  • ability to create exceptions with several filtering options available
  • latest log entries
  • security grade
  • latest RSS feeds related to security
  • block traffic by country

System Check

  • file integrity
  • folder permission check
  • file permission check
  • malware patterns
  • PHP check
  • user check
  • grade computing logic has been changed
  • refactored code to use less resources , providing a smoother experience
  • database Check on MySQL server

System Logs

  • now showing more information
  • alert level
  • date of event
  • user IP
  • user ID
  • date and level alert filtering
  • event description


  • disable user registration
  • disable new component installation

Conformance Portal Firewall Configuration

  • now provides more detailed options
  • IP blacklisting
  • back-end password
  • component access filtering
  • active scanner
  • logging utility

Read the complete list of security features.