Reported by Mel Valkner

A great benefit of Conformance Portal is its ease of use from an administrator’s perspective, as well as the end-user.

At MPF we assigned the portal’s administration to Melissa. She had a two-year accounting degree, and was on the Quality Committee. She had some free time beyond her normal accounting duties.

Melissa would create new work instructions and make revisions to existing ones. She ensured these were properly recorded in the company’s portal.

Any new or revised work instruction required each affected employee to take a test that Melissa created. Then she assigned tests to current employees and assigned new employees their tests. She monitored tests results and informed department managers of those not timely taking their tests who would then follow up with staff.

The publishing date of work instructions allowed employees time to be trained on them before their implementation date. The portal tracked training dates of each employee so ISO and Pharma Auditors could view and be assured of every employee’s verification of competency before the work instruction implementation date.

Employees were afforded time away from their machines to take tests. Many took the tests from their Smartphone or home computer, which cost the company no down time. Why did they do this? It was easier for them as they could be sitting comfortably in their favorite chair at home in a relaxed setting absent any time pressure.

In very little time Melissa quickly and proficiently did an outstanding job as the portal administrator. It also provided her with another skill set and performance indicator for her performance evaluation.