The Coronavirus was an alarming cause of death. It also wreaked havoc on almost every business in the U.S.

Tested/Untested. Positive/Negative Results. Asymptomatic. Stay Home, Work Safe. Shelter-In-Place. Essential Business. Non-Essential Business. Social Distancing. Curbside Service. Conflicting Federal, State and Local Guidelines.

Now that America is thinking about getting back to work: How did you your operations stand up to the chaos? How did you communicate to your employees during the ongoing confusion?

We have heard horror stories of procedures and policies being changed three times in the same day. Employees completely thrown off their routine.

Whether the Coronavirus or some other pandemic or crisis one thing is for sure…you need to communicate with your employees timely and accurately. Among other things, we can help you with that, simply and effective.

Conformance Portal has the ability for you to:
  • make one post and reach all your employees
  • use our chat function to hold meetings
  • document any procedure changes for regulator review
Give us a call to see how you can update policies on the fly as events are unfolding to keep your employees current at all times. It’s simple and easy with Conformance Portal – and we have special pricing in these difficult times to help you.

Wishing you all the best.