Firms often talk about “Safety is #1.” Conformance Portal has a collaboration tool that can show everyone you really mean it.

Including an online discussion group about Safety provides a method that will reduce the risk of injury.

In just seconds Conformance Portal’s collaboration module can be set up to include a safety group. This allows every member of your organization to post a safety observation of your own and view safety issues posted by others.

One safety manager required that everyone in the company be a member of the safety group, and that each employee post one safety issue every week. Posts can include a photo or video as well as a comment.

bls fatal injuries thru 2019 can be reduce through conformance portal callaboration toolOf course, Conformance Portal also allows the creation of tests to objectively determine the company’s safety knowledge base.

Safety issues did not include only those at work such as a trip hazard or unsafe storage of items. They could also include any safety issue found outside of work such as fixing a loose electrical socket at home, or perhaps seeing something dangerous while driving or even at the mall.

Why? He wanted employee thinking safety 24/7.

The result? It worked. Major and minor safety incidences went down enhancing employee safety, reducing lost time from work and reducing the company’s cost of workers compensation.

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics have documented 5,147 Deaths in 2017. pdflatest stats

EHSToday advocates communication to achive a "Total Safety Culture"

"Effective communication is an integral part of achieving an injury-free workplace. Most injuries are due, in part, to risky behaviors, yet employees often are reluctant to provide safety-related feedback to coworkers. You can improve your safety culture (and performance) by providing sound guidelines to improve safety-related communication. By providing and receiving safety feedback more effectively – including corrective feedback (for at-risk behavior) and praise – the workplace can be more safe."  Read More...